• The EPX series utilizes Accelerated Time Domain Scan for radiated emission measurements.

    EPX delivers tremendous value to EMC engineers.

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  • EPX measures noise, and does not miss noise exceeding the limit of noise level defined by EMC standards.

    Gapless Measurement monitors any noise within the FFT bandwidth.

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  • EPX quickly helps to test countermeasures against noise.

    By obtaining all the measured data from the receiver, EPX visualizes not only the behavior along the frequency axis of noise, but also the behavior along the time axis.

    Pre-scan results using QP detectors provide additional information for formulating countermeasures against noise.

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  • EPX automatically sets the appropriate monitoring time according to the noise characteristics, to accurately evaluate noise.

    EPX accurately displays the characteristics of any noise using time domain scans.

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The EPX Series measurement software is based on a new concept and incorporates Accelerated Time Domain Scan function into EMI measurements to achieve reliable measurements without overlooking any noise.

  • Radiated Emissions measurement solution for consumer products

  • Conducted Emissions measurement solution for consumer products

  • Emissions measurement solution for vehicles and components

  • More than 35 Years of EMC Software Development

    TOYO Corporation has an established record of EMC software development spanning more than 35 years. Our research and development expertise and achievements are among the best in Japan.

  • 100% in-house development

    A team dedicated to EMC software was formed within the One Technologies Company of TOYO Corporation. All design, development, and updates are done in-house.

  • Reliable technical support

    Experienced EMC engineers have been assigned to the team for EPX after-sales support. We can respond quickly to questions of a highly specialized nature.


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